This bracelet refers to the dance, The Twist. The way the pearls are twisted around your arm,
is representing the way you move your body when you do the twist, to an upbeat music
This bracelet has a young and Rock`n Roll design, with four Tahitian Black Pearls that will not go unnoticed.
You can wear it straight or twisted. This is one of the leading designs from Tresor Noir.

THE DOUBLE TWIST is available in white gold 18k, yellow gold 18k and Rhodiated Silver
The Pearls Color are available as follows:
Green Lagoon Bora-Bora, Pink Pacific, Orange Sun Set, Chocolat and many others
Pearls are available in forms: round
You can change the shapes and sizes of your pearls : That will change the prize of your jewel

From 750 euros with 9mm pearls

TRESOR NOIR only works with High End Quality Pearl: AAA and AA
A Certificate is given for every purchased Pearl


Conçus à la main - Hand made Jewelry

Tous nos bijoux sont conçus à la main, avec soin. / All our products are proudly hand made