Discover our jewelry collection for women, hand made and with selected black pearls.

Discover our Collections

Entirely hand made, our jewelry comes in different color and matrial. Discover our different collections.

Nationale Collection®

Discover the National Collection, a jewelry collection made of red, blue, yellow and green: the colors of the Mauritius flag. A fine crimprin of precious stones (Ruby, Saphyr, green or yellow emerald) will bring you back to the origins of Tresor Noir.

The Elegant Collection

A collection fully made in Silver ; those jewelries with an atractive design are easy to wear in all occasions.

The Baroques Collection

Based on irregular shapes and highlighted pearl, those jewelry are made of think mount

Irresistible Collection

A collection full of yellow gold and diamonds. The golden pearls from Australia and the black pearls from Tahiti reveal the glamour in you and their exceptional brightness.

Timeless Collection

Made of silver or gold, those creations are the ones that made the Tresor Noir reputation since more than a decade : elegance and simplicity.

The Precious

With or without pearl, precious pearls (Ruby, Saphyr, Emerald) elevate the delicatess of the jewel crimp.